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A website dedicated to supporting Rotarians and Rotaractors who are in career transition or need access to useful career-related resources

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Join us to receive personalized coaching, advice and action plans to help in your career transition or development.

Career Communication:Club 27 

Career Communication:Club 27 is a monthly zoom meeting for any Zone 33 or Zone 34 Rotarian or Rotaractor who is in an active career or job search and would like an opportunity to ask specific questions about his or her situation. Most times, answers and suggestions will come from any or all participants on the call, as well as from the host.

The zoom meetings will always occur on the 27th of the month at 7pm, and last for up to 60 minutes.

If you are interested in joining this unique Zoom opportunity, please register for Career Communication:Club 27 by clicking on the following link:

Recent Events

    Rotary Works ENCORE featured an array of inspirational speakers on various topics, from leadership skills to adapting to the ever-changing virtual work environment. These programs cover how Rotary Remains Relevant in our personal and professional lives!

    To view all the amazing ENCORE session videos (for your own use or to use as Club Programs), please click HERE!

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  • Need a Club Program?

    Rotary Works has a library of informative and engaging videos you can share with your members.

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  • ENCORE Event Videos
    Our 2022 ENCORE live event produced many engaging videos you can share with your members.

    Take a look here and see our amazing speaker sessions!

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Rotarians or Rotaractors Offering Job Opportunities

This section is for Rotarian or Rotaractor businesses which are seeking to employ Rotarians or Rotaractors on a full time, part time, contractual or voluntary basis. Link

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This section is for Rotarians or Rotaractors seeking job opportunities on a full time, part time, contractual or voluntary basis. Post your availability by clicking on this Link

Rotary Works Coaching

This section is for those Rotarians or Rotaractors who wish to be considered as Coaches, or for Rotarians or Rotarators seeking help from a Rotary Works Coach. If you are interested in finding out more about our coaching resources, please click on this Link

A Relevant Career Development Solution

Created by Rotarians for Rotarians & Rotaractors

Rotary Works was created to benefit Rotarians and Rotaractors who lost their job or who are seeking an alternative career path due to changes in the economy as a result of the world pandemic.

What Rotarians & Rotaractors are saying about our initiative.

How Rotary Works Helps Rotarians & Rotaractors

I requested to meet with a coach, as I had maxed out my job and was looking for growth and upward mobility. However, I felt stuck and did not know where and how to look.

Less than a week after submitting my request for a coach, Rotary Works matched me with Scott Bellows. Shortly after, Scott and I met virtually. His professional background complemented mine nicely, and he had a good grasp of my industry.

Scott was extremely patient, knowledgeable, and gave me great ideas on how to pivot in my field and pursue others all while keeping in mind my interests and expertise. After speaking for almost two hours, he graciously told me that he would be happy to meet with me again.

Since then, Scott and I have emailed about my progress and where I am at. I am so thankful that I met Scott and have an objective person to guide me through this transition. I encourage Rotarians to take advantage of this program to enhance their professional backgrounds and learn about other careers sectors that otherwise would be unknown.

I think Rotary Works is a remarkable programto assist people who feel trapped just like me, andthose who need a positive prod from someone asapproachable, knowledgeable, and experienced asDr. Morton.